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and the Post Industrial Nature of Objects

Biologism, noun : the interpretation of human life from a strictly biological point of view.


The intent of the project is to build a story based on observation, collection of findings and the study of various biology, philosophy and science fiction papers. By combining and translating them through personal thought, experiences and imagination, a speculative scenario emerges. A material narrative is produced from objects made, reconstructed, found and collected. Some of which are interpreted as post-industrial natural elements.


The scenario evolves into blurred boundaries between natural and artificial environments. It captures the way man designs nature while (nature) is still alive, how nature redesigns itself trying to adapt , and how the vestiges of human everyday life fit into this new nature, awaiting new use.
The methodology used in the research was visual observation, collection of materials and objects of organic and inorganic nature, and the development of relational thinking.

Theoretical part is supported by theories such as Cartesian’s view of nature in opposition to Darwin's evolutionary theory, where natural selection, a long and slow process, shapes the species, Hugo De Vries' conclusion that very abrupt changes in environments also bring about sudden changes in species. Furthermore, Monod's explanation that the living world and the universe are the result of luck and necessity, Stanislaw Lem's narratives of moving potatoes and seeds from which furniture are grown, but also the concept of anthropocene, where humanity has not just adapted to natural conditions but has additionally adapted these conditions to it.


This project does not propose a solution, and does not take sides. It does not lead to specific conclusions, it generates more questions. The aesthetics of hybrids mixing nature with artefacts, helps to investigate the relevance of each other. It tries to give meaning to the little details that surround us. In a world very complicated to explain with words this is a collage using traces of everyday life.

This is a story about the persistence, the evolution, the adaptability, the transition of beings, and their future absence.

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